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Bleed Me Dry (Single) by The Carolina Stomp
Bleed Me Dry (released on 6/10/22), is the first track released from a Feb 2022 recording session in North Carolina. The guys traveled up to NC (from their homes in the Atlanta area) and turned the downstairs of a rented house into a studio. It was a fruitful three days and we are so happy …
Two Dollar Bill (single) by Clint Singleton
Released on March 11, 2022, this acoustic track from Clint Singleton showcases not only his ability to write a great story but also his passion with crafting that story into a great song. This is one of our favorites here at 38g and we think you'll love it, too. Spotify Apple Music YouTube
These Hills by The Carolina Stomp
These Hills (The Carolina Stomp) Released on July 16, 2021, These Hills takes you back to the place you grew up and plants you firmly in the nostalgia of your youth. This was the first song "back" for the duo after a six year gap in writing and recording. Spotify Apple Music YouTube
Music for Study and Meditation (Album) by C.Ho The Musical
The first album to be released on 38g and definitely the most mellow, as well. MfSaM, released on March 2, 2021, is a four track album of meditation music. Originally, all the tracks were released on his YouTube channel as 1hr+ loops. We then decided to break those down to somewhere shy of 20 minutes …