Recording and post-production

Recording and session musicians

  • Need a part tracked? We can guide you in the recording process and even find players who can record the parts for you. If you’ve mocked or demo’d it or have it written down, we can get that to the musicians. Of you need it written down, we can help there, too. 


  • OK, so you’ve gotten your project tracked but now you need it mixed? We gotchoo, boo. We can mix the session for you in-house or lean into our network and connect you with an engineer that’s right for you and your project.

Music editing

  • A lot of times, musicians aren’t aware that a mix engineer isn’t supposed to clean up the tracks. You’re paying them to mix and not spend their time prepping clips, lining up drum beats, etc.. Whether you are letting us mix it or not, we would be happy to prep your sessions or tracks for the mix engineer.

Live Music and Music Direction

Playback for live events

  • If you’re hitting the stage with your project or band and need playback sessions for the show(s), we can help. Whether it’s pulling in stems from other sources or creating new ones from scratch, our experience with live performance playback systems and sessions can get you setup for a headache-free performance.


  • Outside of mixing engineers, we can also connect you with musicians, arrangers, composers, live engineers and techs, or whoever else you need to finish your project. And don’t worry, we can handle everything so all you have to think about is your art.

Event/session music direction

  • If you’re not sure how to say musically what you’re trying to communicate, let us work with you to communicate that vision to the musicians involved. From house of worship, to cover bands, to all original music, we can help you get the best out of your musicians.

Music Creation and Composing


  • We have in-house and network composers and songwriters ready to help create new, original music for your event, artist, or film, etc..

Orchestration and Arranging

  • If you have songs or compositions finished but want to take them in a new direction, let us help tailor them to your vision. Any format or band size. Pop to rock to classical.