What are we? Shortest form answer: We are a facilitator of the artistic vision. Long form: 38 Ghosts Productions is a music production company designed to showcase new and reimagined music through live and recorded events.

Our mission is to help arrangers, composers, artist, and songwriters get the music out of their head and into the world. 

We do that by supporting clients through every phase of the creative process by providing products and services to help them along the way. We work to empower/enable music creators to bring their works to life – as they envision them – through studio recordings and live events. What does it mean to empower/enable? It means we give them the tools they need to make what they hear inside them into a tangible experience. From finding musicians and recording/mixing to building playback sessions and organizing a live production, we help make the dream a reality and bury the ghosts of those creative projects that haunt you.

You may notice that we have some releases as well. That’s because we are also a record label! This means we can can continue to support music creators through distribution and publishing. The label, however, is singular in purpose: to release and distribute this wonderful music. It is not setup to make 38 Ghosts big profit. Nor does it need to own permanent shares of the music it releases.

Why do we do what we do? Well, we love music. We love the people who make it and the stories they tell. We love the creative process. We love seeing notes on a page being nurtured and developed into an articulated expression of the human condition. The side effects? Enhancing the lives of those who are exposed to it – their memories, experiences and relationships. Providing work for musicians, engineers, and live event techs. Giving young musicians and techs a chance to develop and gain experience. Lighting up a small part of our world with positive vibes of collaboration. And those sit just fine with us.